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Two things have come from Berkeley: LSD and Unix. Coincidence?

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hot Dog

Nothing says "July 4th" like fireworks and hot dogs!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007



Okay, maybe it's some odd variation of buyer's remorse or maybe I just have a psychological need for some public way to vent. Whatever the reason, it looks like I couldn't stay away from blogging for too long. Now on with the show!

I've gone from disturbed to enraged over the slobbering half-wits who choose to wear their pants around their knees and show off their underwear and shaggy asses to the world. Within the past week however, I have had a complete change of heart. No, no, NO, I did not adopt the practice myself. I simply came to realize that these idiots are doing folks like you and me an enormous favor. What is that unintentional kindness you may ask? Simple. You and I now look more normal than ever thanks to retards like these:

So thank you, sagging morons of America. Your clownlike appearance helps me blissfully disappear into the mainstream.


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